Animations, Art, and Viera

My art blog, mostly for my oc's, story boarding, illustrations and commissions. I draw fashion saavy black women as viera as an ongoing project. And have several story pieces and illustrations in the works for children's books, message me if interested in commissions.


white girls getting told they cant say nigga

"But dragons are cool.."

palette #15 for Bonafiedpersonofshade, sorry I’m super late with this!

sakura haruno + 7!


precious bby
though the water looks shitty >.>

15 + korra



give me more of these! They’re so much fun!

sketch based off this lovely lady:

Viera dye their hair very plain colors in Ivalice(probably to blend in), blue would be awesome on them. <3

I feel like if they do use contacts their eyes would still be a bit red around the edges…

I need this team up to happen because reasons….

Instead of Damian’s bs death, he ends up in the future with Nissa where they kick some major ass.

…And help out Commissioner Gordon every now and again u.u


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Rikku’s dimples are so underrated, they completely left them out in X-2 :((((. She’s so adorable though XD

Rikku sketch! Will finish coloring later :3

No matter what mixed feelings i have toward LOK, I still love Korra <3.

She probably has the same undergear that Katara has, it seems like a water tribe thing to wear.